The Browne Family: Waiting for baby #3

This must be my most photographed family ever!

I photographed their wedding in 2008 and since then have photographed 2 maternity (3 with this one) sessions, 2 newborn sessions and 4 family sessions.

It's a great honor as a photographer to document their life change events and the growth of their gorgeous family.

Sweet baby Perry Rose.

Waiting for baby is one of the most exciting times in a couple's life.

They plan and try to be prepared.

When I did a maternity session with Wendy she had a few more weeks to go till baby time.  She looked beautiful and was very excited.

A week later I received an email welcoming baby girl. 

Perry is here. And she is a doll!


Teddy will be a big brother.

In the last 5 years I've had the chance to photograph the Cox family a lot.

It's been really amazing to document their lives and family events.

This time I had the opportunity to see how happy they are expecting another baby.

Teddy (who I photographed when  he was a few months old) is very excited to be a big brother. And I am sure he will be a fun and caring one.

Baby Oliver

Jen and Balram not only had a super fun and beautiful wedding a couple of years ago but they were also one of the nicest people to work with.

With that said, I was mega happy to hear they had had a baby boy.

And what a cute little man.

Congrats Jen and Balram!  And welcome baby Oliver!


I will be an auntie again

I could not be happier for my younger sister Mari who is expecting another boy.

She is already an amazing mom to my nephew Fernando. And I have no doubt she will be an incredible mom to baby Rafael due in July.



James turns one!

I know I keep repeating myself but it's true: I am super lucky to be able to document my wedding couples lives way past their wedding.

I photographed James when he was a few weeks old....then time just flew by...I can't believe he is already one.

He is a super adorable and handsome little boy.

Happy birthday James!


A baby boy on it's way...

I love what I do. I love documenting life.

I was super happy to hear that Azadeh and Joel were expecting a baby boy.  I had the honor to photograph their wedding and now her pregnancy. And she looks BEAUTIFUL!

 Can't wait to meet the new baby.


Brooklyn Bridge Park Family Session

It was a cold and windy day in October but I got to hangout with 3 very cute kids.

Playland Family Session

I had a great time with the Cox's family at Playland in Rye NY.

It was great to hang out and document how much Teddy has grown from our last session.

How cute is he?

My kid turns 5!

This is a personal post.

Every year I take the time to take a picture of my daughter close to her birthday.

Because of the crazy iphone/instagram picture mania I too forget to grab my real camera. The phone is convenient, easier to carry and faster.... but I do miss sharp, crispy and well though out images.

So at least once a year I spend some time thinking of a theme... or think of something that could represent HER at that age.

This year she turned 5, my favorite number.

We have a HUGE number 5 made of wood sitting in our living room and I wanted to take that 5 to the beach.

Bella loves the beach. She loves chasing the waves and the sand...

She also LOVES being a princess, a fairy and a ballerina.

So I combined everything in a soot.

We were at the beach late September before 8AM. The beach was empty, we had an amazing blue sky and a super mild weather.

Bella was excited to wear her leotard and her big and puffy tulle skirt from last year shoot.  And I was happy to photograph HER. Her sparkly personality, her big smile and the sweetest face on earth.

Lulu's Second Birthday Shoot

Not sure if you will remember Lulu's First Birthday Shoot.

For her second birthday we thought balloons. And...the magic happened.

MEGA cute!


Audrey's Second Birthday Shoot

It's been a whole year of documenting Audrey.

And what an amazing privilege to watch her grow.

Mallory and Jared thought about this shoot a lot and decided on an Audrey Hepburn (little black dress) inspired shoot.

They also wanted to make it festive and girly. So with balloons, tutu and crown in hand we made it happen.

Happy Birthday Audrey!!!


crown from Little Blue Olive
balloons from Balloons Fast