I met Charlie and his mom Ashley over a year ago (summer 2009) on the L train heading to Manhattan. Charlie was only 8 months old and already very handsome.
We bumped into each other a few times in the neighborhood but never had a chance to hang out and organize a playdate with our kids.
Then... fast forward to last month when for a small world of coincidences and another photographer's recommendation she came back to me for a little family portrait session.YEH!!!
We set to go to Central Park on a sunday morning.... freezing morning....and windy!
We did our best moving around to stay warm and Charlie and his parents managed to "freeze" a few smiles.
Charlie was a trooper!!! And a cutie pie!!!


This one is close to home....Or better: IT IS HOME!

I could not have been happier to photograph my beautiful sister Mari with her super duper cute son Fernando and her amazing husband Antonio.

I had photographed Mari when she was 7 months pregnant (if you go back some postings you will see a picture of her and her pretty big belly) and this time I had a chance to meet my nephew for the first time and photograph them together.

It was a lot of fun to spend some time getting to know him and be instantly in love... Even better was to see my sister happy and watch her being an amazing mom.

Although my trips back to Brazil are limited to once a year (or twice if I am lucky) ... thanks to modern days I will watch him grow via Skype. I know it's not the same... but I will always look forward to grab his cute chubby legs again and say: "universo sideral do planeta terra!!!" ... sorry... inside joke :)